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The biography of the band begins in 2007 when Negrokolobock decides to form a gore grind-oriented band in Kaluga. The first rehearsal of a track featured in the debut LP of the band (Anal Cash Perdition) is held with the line-up that disbands very quickly. The whole year the band spends in attempts of cooperation with punk-rock virtuosos and epic-old-school-heavy-metal performers. In the beginning of 2008 Scumirez joins yet unnamed band which breaks a gore-trail. Musical compotator Traitor is recruited as a bassist. With a session guitarist on the second guitar (is he necessary at all?) the band plays its first show at the gig named "Russian Rock festival". After the show the guys record their first demo. In 2009 Negrokolobock records his sections for the second demo and joins the army. Scumirez replaces him with Preteen Denis, establishes connections with Moscow grind-crew and releases the second demo as a split with Elite Drug Dealers. 2010 Maniac (vocals) joins the band. Bands line-up becomes too large especially considering that Negrokolobock has already been waiting for army discharge. It results in Maniacs dismissal. After a couple of shows the rest of the line-up disbands. During 2011 Negrokolobock and Scumirez remain the only members of the band. During this period they record the first LP titled Oozing Gore After Zapore at E.B.N. Records (home studio). In 2012 the band finds a bassist in the person of Kult Coba a legendary musician from Kaluga. This line-up starts working at the second album. In 2013 another local legend, Alex_G (vocals) joins the band. In 2014 the band records new material at E.B.N.Records (except for drums). The second album titled Residents and guests of the rectum" is released by More Hate Prod. In 2017 Negrokolobock decides to become a vegan, quit the band and move to Moscow to sell high-end panties. All contacts with him are finally lost in 2018. Perhaps he was abducted by aliens and is currently being held at some reptiloid base near the city of Saratov. Meanwhile, Kot (drums) joins the band, and in the middle of the year D.E.F.A.M.E. celebrate a decade of concert activity. During the pandemic lockdown in 2020 the guys decide not to waste time and record a new album titled "Hyperboolaris Supreeme Bizzare", again released by More Hate Prod.

Line up:

  • Alex_G - vocals;
  • Scumirez - guitars;
  • Koba - bass;
  • Kot drums

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