In spite of great effort of some people devoted to the cause put in forming a completely new metal horde in Lublin, it wasnt until early spring of 2006 when future Enthymion gathered in the damp dungeons of dark towers for the first time. And though various musicians had tied to join the newly formed band, the first real members were Kirtabus - guitars, Omen - guitars, Eridian - orchestra and Dlugi - drums. As a result, after a few months of intensive rehearsals the first self-made songs started to emerge from the dark minds of those three. In mid-summer 2006 the band was strengthened by two other sons of THE LORD i.e. Gregory - voices and Lock - bass. The following year was the time of hard work on preparing the whole set of songs for the bands debut album entitled "Arcana of Apocalypse", which was recorded at the turn of 2008. In the meantime the first concerts in Chelm, Warsaw and as support before Christ Agony in Lublin. In 2009, there was a change in place of guitarist, with a horde finally parted Omen. At the same time, Gregory took over guitar duties. Started an intensive search for a publisher. In 2010 the band recorded a number called "Total Blast" for the first gala of wrestling in Poland. The result of research publisher signed in 2011 a contract to issue the license cd of the Russian More Hate Productions, through which is the debut album was released officially in March 2012. Black the future, though promising, is yet unknown...

Line up:

  • Gregory voices, guitars;
  • Kirtabus guitars;
  • Lock Bass;
  • Dlugi drums;
  • Eridian orchestra;
  • Omen guitars.

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