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NOCTICULA was born in the dusk of May 1997 amid the mining dungeons of Donbass in Gorlovka and the first scream of this child could be heard only by those who was in this secret... It had taken one year of rehearsals to complete the line-up, find the concept and form the style of the band and as early as in 1999 in local Beasts studio NOCTICULA recorded its debut "The Kingdom of Eternal Sorrow". The album was released by Moon Records in the beginning of 2000. it was distributed in CIS and neighboring countries and brought bands name into rupture. At that point in time NOCTICULA was one of the most famous black metal bands. The band continued playing some shows and composing new material for the next album titled "Wedding with Death". This album self-released in 2004 didnt get wide distribution. The material presented on "Wedding with Death" followed the concept of the debut but was enriched with some new elements which naturally complemented the sound of NOCTICULA. And then followed darkness and oblivion... interrupted only in 2009 with the third album named "Dust" consisting of songs not included into the first two albums. "Dust" follows the general path of the band. The album has not been released officially. In 2012 NOCTICULA recorded the fourth album "In the Mirrors of Hades" dealing with weaknesses incident to human beings in the face of evil and themselves. The album was released by More Hate Productions in 2015. The lyrics of the album are based on the timeless concept of death. Each song by NOCTICULA looks like a dark story for some horror-movie. In 2020 the debut album Obitel Tsarstva Vechnoy Skorbi (The Shrine the Kingdom of Eternal Sorrow) is re-released by More Hate Prod. The Cds shall be protected from direct sunlight and kept away from children!

Line up:

  • Northorn guitars, vocals;
  • Lord guitars;
  • Seductor - bass, vocals;
  • Shelma keyboards, vocals;
  • Seraphim drums.

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