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Novi Sad based band Wolfs Hunger was founded by Caslav Nickovic and Vladimir Musicki in 2001, with clear intention of playing black metal inspired by Serbian history and mythology. Band gathers a substantial following already with the release of their first demo recording titled "Thunders of Perun Are Back" (2003), which is followed by numerous concerts with bands from all over the Balkans, such as Interfector, All My Sins, Defilement, Posmrtna liturgija, and others. After that, the band releases their second demo recording Zemlja moja u plamenu je - "My Country Engulfed in Flames" (2005). In collaboration with the label Grom Records, Wolfs Hunger releases a split release with Posmrtna liturgija titled "Pagan Thunders" (2006). After that, the band plays on United Slavic Swords festival in Belgrade with such bands as Inferno, The Stone, Svartgren, and so on. That same year, Wolfs Hunger plays on Exit Festival, on Metal Hammer Stage. The bands first full-length is released as a continuation of collaboration with Grom Records - the release in question is Osveta u krvi - "Vengance in Blood" (2007). What follows is the concert where Wolfs Hunger played as a warm-up act for the cult American death metal band Vital Remains. After this period of intense activity the band goes in hibernation and the members spend the following two years engaged in other affairs. In mid-2009 the band mates gather again and the band starts playing concerts again. In the next year, Wolfs Hunger plays as a warm-up act for the Russian folk pagan act Arkona. In 2016 band released their long-awaited, second full length album titled Bezte zivi vracaju se mrtvi for Symbol of domination. Next year Wolfs Hunger went on their first European tour with russian black metallers Drauggard. The same year, band went on another tour in Czech republic and Serbia with Czech pagan/black metal band Panychida.

Line up:

  • Caslav Nickovic - vocals/ bass;
  • Vladimir Musicki - guitars;
  • Budimir Zivkovic - guitars;
  • Ivan Gaspar -drums.

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