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The group was formed by Valery Vedischev in 2009. In February 2013 the first single Ghost Of Fate was released, it quickly became popular among the audience and was aired on the radio. In 2013 the band was opening for Xandrias concert in Saint-Petersburg, and received positive feedback from the audience, as well as their German colleagues. In September 2013 the first long-play of the band, entitled Inspiration was released. In summer 2014 the band was headlining at MotoMaloyaroslavets 2nd scene. The presentation of the Inspiration album was accomplished by new costumes, fantasy and historic based, each has its unique story (thanks to bands new costume designer). One of the songs was presented by the guest vocalists, which later became lead ones. In December 2014 new single Sun-Spring was released along with the first official video to it. In May 2015 was released new EP From the heroes of the past, dedicated to 70-th anniversary of the Second World War Victory, and took part in Charismas song The Hunter in July 2015. In May 2016 the band released new single Blizzard, and performed on Russian Metal Stars festival, sharing the scene with such groups as ?aster, ??vrin, Catharsis, Black Obelisk, Arda, Kruger and others. In May 2016 the band performed as a headliner of a festival Tribute to Epidemia, Valery Vedischev, keyboardist of the band and Svetlana Berseneva (vocals) took part in jam session part of this show along with musicians from Korsika, Kolizei and other bands. As the result, the official live video to "Feanor was released. In August 2016 the group performed as headliner on the biggest Altai bikers rock-festival By the same road. In April 2018 the band released new single My Philosophy, and soon after that the band was opening Sirenia and Cradle of Filth shows in Moscow.

Line up:

  • Valery Vedischev - keyboards, back-vocals;
  • Svetlana Berseneva vocals (clean, growl);
  • Alexandra Satarova vocals (soprano);
  • Anna Tenischeva - flute;
  • Nikita Grinko - guitar;
  • Konstantin Otstavnov - guitar;
  • Grigory Kuznetsov - bass-guitar;
  • Semen Starshinov drums.

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