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Progressive Death/ Grind band from sunny Astrakhan is formed in the beginning of 2012. The distinctive feature of the band is a fact that it is a duo. Moreover, along with the guitarist/vocalist Vladimir Ryabinin, this duo features a charming girl Natalya Ryabinina on drums, which is not nearly characteristic of brutal music. In 2013 the band records a debut album with a cryptic title У15.01.1773Ф and no less cryptic artwork, released by MORE HATE Productions. The album gets quite diverse reviews Ц from enthusiastically-pathetic down to devastatingly-degrading. It proves that the music performed by the band definitely touches feelings of each listener. The songs of BRAINTEASERS artfully intertwine all existing styles of extreme metal in a sort of a virtual death metal-construction governed only by logic and thoughts of its creators. Despite the minimal line-up, the band actively tours and brings mosh, chaos and destruction to the neighboring cities and beyond!

Line up:

  • Natalia Ryabinina - drums
  • Vladimir Ryabinin- vocal,guitars

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