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SLAUGHTER BRUTE are formed back in 2007 in the small mining town of Dimitrov (Donetsk region, Ukraine). Within a short while a 3-song demo album titled "Infinite Cannibalism" is recorded in the bands home studio, followed by a video for "Humans Intestine Collapse" (later included in "Deadly visions vol.1" compilation by Dead Center Prods.). At the beginning of 2008 SLAUGHTER BRUTE enter BEASTS Studio (Gorlovka, Ukraine) to record a promo EP. The full-length album is recorded later the same year and in the same studio. The bands debut titled "Excellent meat" is released in the end of 2008 by Coyote Records (Moscow, Russia). The release is supported by shows in Mariupol, Sevastopol, Donetsk, Lugansk, Kiev, Kremenchug and other cities of Ukraine. In 2009 following some line-up changes SLAUGHTER BRUTE release "Cyanotic Purulence" (Internet single). Meanwile, Dead Center Prods. release the DVD "Humans Intestine Collapse". In 2010-2011 the band plays several live shows including such international festivals like KIEV SONIC MASSACRE-2 and METAL HEADS MISSION-12. In parallel SLAUGHTER BRUTE work on their second full-length album in BEASTS Studio. "Systematic Transmutations" is released in early 2012 by the Russian label MORE HATE Prods. The period beginning in 2014 is a hard time in the history of both Donbass and Ukraine. Nevertheless, for the band it is marked by studio activity on the threshold of recording the next album "Symmetric Biomass" in their home studio GRAY Rec. It takes quite a long time to compose and refine this material and the album is released by MORE HATE Prods. (Russia) only in 2021. In anticipation of the release of the full-length album SLAUGHTER BRUTE present their new music video for the song titled "Mutation as Means of Evolution".

Line up:

  • Alexandr HOSE Frolov - vocals;
  • Sergey GRAY Kanovets guitars, back vocals;
  • Timur TAMERLAN Petravichus lead guitars;
  • Aleksandr BES Bespalov bass;
  • Sergey SERAPHIM Opanasenko drums.

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