Tyrant Wrath

In winter 2007, from the ashes of Martyrum, Kim and Adde started to work on a new project with the intention to make something new, yet bringing that cold, dark feeling to the music. After a couple of sessions with guitar-riffing, they decided it was time to get a drummer and start to rehearse the songs. Several songs were already made at this point and a promo were supposed to be recorded, so we talked to our old friend Jocke (Dominion, ex In Aeternum, Sorcery) and asked if he could play the drums on this recording. With no further hesitation he agreed to do the drumming and the recordingsession begun. The promo was appreciated and we chose Battlegod Productions for the release of the full-lenght album titled Torture Deathcult released 2011. Now we needed a drummer for some upcoming shows and talked to mr A, and he was really interested in doing some skinpounding. In 2011 they played some shows around in Sweden, they also played at the Getaway Rock Festival the same year. New material were slowly developing and they rehearsed at some different locations and started to make progress with the songs. After writing several deadly songs they were beginning to record what would turn out to be the album titled 1979. Finally the time has come for some new music to be unleashed with Tyrant Wraths 1979!

Line up:

  • Kim guitars, bass;
  • Adde vocals;
  • Joakim Olofsson - drums.

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