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Caedere started in 1998 and started out as a catchy mix between old school Swedisch death metal and US technical death metal. So far, Caedere has released 4 full length albums and 3 EPs. We have traveled the continent to perform shows with bands such as Deicide, Vader, Suffocation, Deeds of Flesh and many more great bands. During the recording Caedere underwent some line-up changes. Early in the process drummer Jarno Olinga left due to personal circumstances and thus Michiel van der Plicht (ex-God Dethroned, Carach Angren, Pestilence) was enlisted to play drums on the album. The new album also proved to be the swansong for singer Michiel Lankhorst. Early on was diagnosed with bowel cancer and underwent treatment, after successfully recovering his health he laid down a scorching performance in the studio and then quit the band in order to pursue his dream of running an B&B in rural France. Since then Caedere has recruited Clemens Kerssies (ex- Cliteater, Toxocara) on drums and Ben de Graaff (Phlebotomized, Façade, ex-Sepiroth) on vocals to complete the line up, so that the band is ready to hit the stage in support of the album.

Line up:

  • Thomas Luijken Ц Guitars;
  • Niels Ottink Ц Guitars;
  • Joey Veerbeek Ц Bass;
  • Michiel Lankhorst Ц Vocal;
  • Session drums by Michiel van der Plicht;
  • Violins and Percussion by Antonia Ottink and Clemens Kerssies.

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