Upon emerging from the darkest abyss of netherworld in February 2004, the amorphous mass of black metal noise commonly known as Frigus et Obscurum has been evolving, mutating and barfing pus, constantly morphing from one unstable form to another. Its insatiable hunger for young virgins and fresh meat is currently being kept under control (though not always successfully) in a secret underground laboratory in Moscow, Russia. Trying to contain it and maybe somehow use its powers are: Blasphemous Fighter (providing thick walls of satanic noise), Necropriest (adding some more acoustic chaos and reading incantations in loud hoarse whispers) and Dargoth (doing some low rumble and unholy screams, and also developing most of the dark rituals). At certain points we had some more people join us, but in the end they all got eaten away. And the three of us still keep going on.

And so its autumn. Days are getting shorter, gradually becoming dark and cold. Along with the foul stench of burning peat bogs and a handful of rotting slime a sudden gust of wind slams our debut CD right into your face (or up your ass, whichever you prefer). Yea, its finally here! Some 45+ minutes of diverse mind-bending head-banging horn-growing black metal material. Through these years we have had dozens of songs, but not all of them made it into the album. We created them, performed them live (sometimes for more than a year or even a two), and in the end those songs were mercilessly butchered, packed into plastic bags and burned at a local dump. So that the album would include only the most grim, inhuman and unholy pieces of our dark art. Frigus et Obscurum Vol.1 is released by the U.S. based Beneath the Fog Productions. The album will also be released in Russia by the More Hate Productions, but it will be only somewhere towards the end of the Summer 2010.

Line up:

  • Necropriest - vocals, bass
  • Blasphemous Fighter - guitars

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