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First was Recomprehension... Everything former collapsed, destroying and erasing all outward. Darkness absorbed contemplation, creating eternal Evil. And everything invisible acquired forms, distorting and changing the shape of reality, violating false bases of humanity, trampling upon the former imaginary brittle balance.

That's how the engendering occurred... That's how the first flame of New Age arisen. Infringement became a norm for understanding. All domains of being, all truths of humanity ruthlessly and regularly subjected to the attacks of fiery essence of SEMARGL.

1997 - First massive bombardments on God. Comprehensive aggression burst moral values, ancient Evil, by slashing oppositions, acquired primary state of War. "And like paramount purposes - there's our enemy and it's elimination. Just like three striking swords: PRIDE, EGOISM, and INDIVIDUALITY". War, like a new level of self-perfection.War, like pride, egoism, individuality. Everything mixed up, because war became a method of conversation. War became inevitable food. War became everyday condition. War became the only way of reconciliation.

SEMARGL attacks, SEMARGL resists to dogma, for it's a war till the total destruction. Epoch of domination of Christ comes to its end. Dogmatic world perception collapse. Having lived out God's obsolete loses his last power in agony, his rotten flesh falls apart, burring all of his loyal sheep. This is the rise of the SEMARGL epoch.

2004 - SEMARGL cut through the flesh of the world by fundamental "ATTACK ON GOD". Metaphysical cacophony of Darkness, thermonuclear strike in God's face - it's centralized and frontal attack of SEMARGL. Its blasphemy and desecration, like paramount method of purification of consciousness. Kill the God, kill Christ! Death and eradication to all religions! Viva SEMARGL! Ave SATANAS

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