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731 is a project created back in 2003 by the soulmates Holocaust (bass), Abhorrer (vocals) and Torturer (guitar). The predominant themes explored by 731 include satanism, overthrowing of christianity, tortures and extermination of mankind. Following the self-release of a cassette demo "Curse Them All" (2006) in 2007, for a number of reasons the band decides to scuttle the project. Four years later Tombcrusher - the ex-guitarist of a fraternal band CRYPTOS - gives the flicker of hope of reunion and joins the band as a drummer. Feeling a craving for death metal, Torturer and Tombcrusher quit the band in order to revive CRYPTOS, but in 2015 the life journey of Torturer is cut tragically short. In the absence of the ideological leader, composer and lyricist CRYPTOS finally disintegrates. 2016 becomes a new round of revival for 731 - the project is reunited again at the initiative of Tombcrusher. Holocaust takes over as a vocalist and Psycho Immortal (the former member of CRYPTOS) joins as a guitarist. Following the rehearsals this line-up plays a debut show. While the work on new material is in progress, 731 include some songs by CRYPTOS to their set-list. Underground (HATESTORM) becomes a live bass player of the band. Over time, Psycho Immortal loses interest in 731. He is replaced with the old-timer of Sarov metal scene Ц Nunslaughter (NECROSIS). After a while two more members join the band: Dictator (second guitar) from a friendly project MORPHEUS (symphonic black metal), and Nazgul (bass) Ц the front man of OBJECT-550. In the beginning of 2020 the musicians commence the recording of their debut album in order to finally immortalize the early era of 731.

Line up:

  • Holocaust Ц Breath of Hatred - vocals;
  • Tombcrusher Ц Hammer of Genocide - drums;
  • Dictator Ц Instruments of Mass Massacre - lead guitars;
  • Nunslaughter Ц Instruments of Torture - guitars;
  • Nazgul Ц Low Sounds of Hell - bass.

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