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SATANATH - Urban Apocalypse
Satanath 2021

First full-length album "Urban Apocalypse" was self-released digitally by SATANATH on December 28th, 2011. Almost 10 years have passed, the time has come for the debut album to be released for the first time on a physical copies and with an updated artwork cover by Mary Kankava (Hellcatfairyart). The release also contains various bonus tracks recorded in 2011-2012, which perfectly complement the picture of the apocalypse!

Release date: 07.12.2021 | Format: (CD) | Genre: space/ dark ambient

Memoblastoma 2022

MEMOBLASTOMA - Kekodemo - MHP 22-397

Release date: 01.03.2022
Format: (CD)
Status: (available)
Genre: Goregrind
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Light 2022 digi pack

LIGHT? - Etalon nelepoy sluchainosti/ Music From Negatives - MHP 22-392

Release date: 28.02.2022
Format: (Digi D-CD)
Status: (available)
Genre: Instrumental Atmospheric/ Experimental
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Theosophy 2022

THEOSOPHY - Live Pantheon - MHP 22-396

Release date: 27.01.2022
Format: (Digibook (CD+DVD) )
Status: (available)
Genre: Black metal
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AS cover 2021

ANTIQUUS SCRIPTUM - V Império (A Batalha dos Reinos) - MHP 22-393

Release date: 10.01.2022
Format: (MCD)
Status: (available)
Genre: Ambient folk music
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MG 2022

MOONGATES GUARDIAN - The Wind Over Dale - MHP 22-395

Release date: 01.01.2022
Format: (CD)
Status: (available)
Genre: Epic Medieval/ Atmospheric Black Metal
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