2014-09-19 - NEW CD!!! MHP 14-128/ SAT 084 BESTIAL DEFORM "Bellum Contra Omnes"!!!

Joint release Satanath Records with More Hate Productions: re-release of album "Bellum Contra Omnes" by Russian death metal band Bestial Deform!!!

2014-09-12 - NEW CD!!! MHP 14-124 PUS LACTATION "A cage for the brain"!!!

Debut album by Ukrainian death metal butchers Pus Lactation!!!

2014-09-10 - NEW CD!!! MHP 14-127 KRAWORATH "Instinct to kill"!!!

The debut work by brutal death metal band from Saratov, Russia!!!

2014-09-05 - NEW CD!!! MHP 14-126 CD GOREMblKA Bon!!!

New album by Ukrainian grind punk death-n-roll maniacs!

2014-07-21 - NEW CD!!! MHP 14-123 BRAINTEASERS 15.01.1773!!!

Debut full-length album by Progressive Death/ Grind duo BRAINTEASERS from Astrakhan!!!

2014-05-19 - NEW CD!!! MHP 14-120 CONTAMINATED "Your Ashes are Nothing"!!!

The debut full length album by the Ukrainian band Contaminated!!!

2014-05-12 - NEW CD!!! MHP 14-121 HOLDAAR "Vremena Ukhodyashchie V Nebo (Times Going Skywards"!!!

The seventh full-length album of Holdaar a Black Metal division from Königsberg!!!

2014-04-29 - NEW CD!!! MHP 14-122 GRACE DISGRACED The Primal Cause: Womanumental

New full-length album by GRACE DISGRACED out now!!!

2014-01-22 - NEW CD!!! MHP 13-119 ARKUDA "Pod pokrovom vekov"!!!

Debut full-length album by pagan metal band from Irkutsk!!!

2014-01-15 - NEW CD!!! MHP 13-117 NEFAS TERRA "Life in Darkness"!!!

Debut album from melodic black metal band Nefas Terra!!!


Bestial tittle

BESTIAL DEFORM - Bellum Contra Omnes - MHP 14-128/ SAT 084

Release date: 19.09.2014
Format: (CD)
Genre: death metal
Status: available
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Pus Lactation front

PUS LACTATION - A cage for the brain - MHP 14-124

Release date: 12.09.2014
Format: (CD)
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Status: available
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Kraworath title

KRAWORATH - Instinct to Kill - MHP 14-127

Release date: 10.09.2014
Format: (CD)
Genre: Brutal Death metal
Status: available
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Goremyka title

GOREMblKA - Bon - MHP 14-126

Release date: 05.09.2014
Format: (CD)
Genre: Grind/ Death metal
Status: available
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title Brainteasers

BRAINTEASERS - 15.01.1773 - MHP14-123

Release date: 21.07.2014
Format: (CD)
Genre: progressive death/ grind metal
Status: available
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