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PROTEOS is a groove/metalcore band from Chelyabinsk Ч the city of real men. The extreme vocals singing in Russian the dark lyrics inspired by historical events, canorousness and technicality of the music and atmospheric stage appearance Ч these are the main features of PROTEOS. The band is formed back in 2012. Since then it releases 3 EPs, 4 singles and 4 videos, plays such festivals like Dead Fish, Ural Music, Atom Fest, shares stage with Hour of Penace (IT), The Rodeo Idiot Engine (FR), Cry Excess (IT), Memorain (GR), Mindreaper (DE), Shokran (RU), Lacerated and Carbonized (BR) and Carnivore Diprosopus (CO). On December 8, 2023 PROTEOS releases its debut full-length album titled "Epitaph" on the Internet, while the CD release follows in May 2024. Some ideas for this album are dated 2014, however the idea to sing in Russian comes much later. Thus, "Epitaph" is the first entirely in Russian-language release of the band.

Line up:

  • Alexander Kolobov - drums;
  • Konstantin Ogarkov - guitars;
  • Vitalij Kugaevskij - vocals;
  • Yan Silevich - bass.

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